Beaches and Villages

The Messara plain offers one of the longest beaches on Crete, from Agia Galini to Komos. This 8 km section of the coast is easy to walk.
Nearby you find further bays ideal for bathing, for instance Matala and Vathi (South) and Agios Giorgos and Agios Pavlos (North).

Matala is a popular destination, on the one hand because of the famous caves and the picturesque bay and on the other for its lively night life with many tavernas, bars and live music.
For those who like it quieter and have an interest in cultural history, the folk museum in Vori is well worth a visit. Vori is a traditional village at the foot of the Ida mountain range.


In Kamilari, the neighbouring village, there is a vegetable market every Sunday where the locals offer their products from the region. The village is worth seeing, small alleyways, charming old stone houses, lots of flowers and a number of tavernas who will welcome you for dinner.



Excavations & Monastries

This region of Crete, the Messara bay and plain, offers far more than the popular beaches. On the neighbouring cliff lies a further small Minoan palace, both were connected by a paved path.
The area is steeped in history if you know where to look. The Minoans really knew a good spot when they found it. The Palace at Festos (comparable to Knossos) is only a few minutes drive away, with commanding views over the the Messara plain, Towards the mountains is the Kamares cave, from where the delicate, world famous ceramics of the Minoans originate, there the incomparable fragrance of pine, will raise your desire to reread the unforgettable encounter of Henry Miller with the guardian in the “Colossus of Maroussi.”

Those with a love of Byzantine culture are rewarded with frescoes and iconography in a large number of monasteries in the immediate vicinity.
There are colourful weekly street markets, selling everything, in Mires (Saturdays) and Timbaki (Fridays). Everyone goes there to meet and talk, to trade and to eat Souvlaki.

So, culture and bathing fun can be combined and there is something for everyone.



Mountains and Coasts

Crete is a hikers paradise with everything you could wish for – impressive gorges, small paths along imposing coasts, goat paths up to the high mountains!
Especially suitable for hiking are spring and autumn since the climate is mild at that time. In spring you can expect a floral splendour while in autum there are a variety of fruits to enjoy.

In the summer, under greatest heat, it's possible to cool off by hiking up the highest mountain of Crete, Psiloritis 2456 m. It will be a pleasure for us to accompany you to different corners of the region. Discover with us the small path along the coast to Matala, or we will guide you to climb up the Kofinas, Ida or Lefka Ori mountain ranges.

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